I'm a New York based film and stage actor originating from Raleigh, North Carolina.


I received two BA's from Fordham University Lincoln Center in Theatre Performance and Communications/Media Studies with a Concentration in Film. For high school, I attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where I graduated with a drama concentration.


I want to live in a world where guys buy you books instead of drinks and its socially acceptable for adults to fingerpaint.  Classic films are my jam and I could spend everyday at the Museum of the Moving Image. I saw Muppet Treasure Island on 35mm once and it may have been the greatest moment of my life. In college, I was offered a job at Disney World to be "friends with" Elsa and Aurora.


I'm a lifelong animal lover and went vegan after ten years of being a vegetarian. I believe it is the best way for individuals to make active change to better the planet and reduce our carbon footprint.

I'm currently teaching myself French and recently got my motorcycle license.


That's all relevant, right?


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